we believe in fruits and veggies

A plant-rich diet is key to a healthy future for all of us - and our planet. Here’s how kencko is making a difference, one berry at a time.

putting five-a-day within reach

Just 1 in 10 US adults eats the recommended minimum of 5 cups of fruits and vegetables every day. 1 in 20 eats enough fiber. We’re on a mission to improve those stats - not just by supplying high quality, nutritious plant-based foods, but also by providing people with education and support to build a healthier relationship with food, and a more nourishing overall diet.

smarter solutions for a hungry planet

Every year, almost half of the world’s fresh fruits and vegetables go to waste, creating more greenhouse gas emissions than most countries. We use freeze-drying technology to capture the nutrients of fresh produce in a shelf-stable form, reducing spoilage in the supply chain and helping consumers to waste up to 30% less.

our products travel light

We’re actively reducing the environmental impact of our operations in three key areas:



Boosting manufacturing efficiency to keep waste to a minimum.



Eliminating single-use plastics in favor of fully compostable alternatives.



Carbon-offsetting freight emissions and using regional distribution centers.

As a certified B Corporation ®, kencko is committed to using the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

how it all began

kencko founder Tomás Froes used a plant-rich diet to heal his acute gastritis. To solve the problem of fitting enough fruits and vegetables into his busy lifestyle, he developed the first freeze-dried, instant smoothie - and it was too good not to share. Three years later, we shipped our 12 millionth smoothie.

want to be part of it?

We’re a diverse group of individuals, passionate about enabling healthier diets and building a more sustainable food system. From Brooklyn to Lisbon, we bring together 8 nationalities speaking more than 10 languages. As a fast-growing startup we’re always hungry for fresh talent. Are you a great collaborator with a passion for finding innovative, sustainable solutions?