Pure fruit and vegetable gumdrops that taste just like candy, if candy was your friend. No refined sugars - and no regrets. The perfect pick-me-up when your day starts to dip.


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No refined sugars

No artificial additives

USDA organic

EU certified organic

Carbon-neutral shipping

Compostable packaging

Certified B Corporation

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Try each sensational flavor.


Easy as pie? No. Easier than pie: apple, cinnamon, rice crisps

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Melt your worries away: banana, apple, sweet potato

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Meet us at the berry patch: strawberry, beet, pumpkin

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Your daily dose of decadence: cherry, cacao, rice crisps

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Spice up your life: orange, carrot, ginger

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Start a carnival in your mouth: mango, passionfruit, turmeric

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less junk, more joy

Craving something sweet? Swap the usual refined sugars and artificial additives for a treat that gets all its flavor from nature.

zero refined sugar

gut-friendly fiber

only fruits and veggies

one of your 5-a-day

organic and vegan

for every dip, there’s a drop

Last-minute lunchtime meeting? Back-seat sibling drama? 3pm sweet tooth attack? Every day has its dips. Next time your usually sunny disposition takes a dive, why not treat yourself to a little drop of joy.

fuel for families on the go

With no refined sugars or artificial additives, and 3.5g of prebiotic fiber, a packet of gumdrops makes an ideal lunchbox treat or pre-game energy boost for busy kids and teens. Just make sure to keep some for yourself!

free nutrition coaching

We know that new habits are easier to stick to if you’ve got a supportive crew behind you. That’s why we offer every member a free 60-day coaching program with a Registered Dietitian.

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what people are saying

Delicious, healthy, fun - and I love the compostable packaging.


Verified purchase

Just an excellent idea as I am travelling a lot - would use this to ensure I am not just eating s**t food in the airport.


Verified purchase

I was excited to try them, now I can't get em outta my head. Please send more!


Verified purchase

Love them very very much. The gingerella are SO DANG GOOD for us ginger lovers.


Verified purchase

I love chewy sweets and since I'm trying to be more healthy, this is perfect to snack on when I'm wanting something sweet and chewy.


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any questions?

  • What’s in the gumdrops?

    The main ingredients are organic fruit and vegetable purees, juices, and juice concentrates, equivalent to at least one full 80g serving of produce per packet, plus inulin - a prebiotic fiber derived from the agave and chicory plants. The gumdrops are set using pectin, from citrus fruit, and the only preservative added is lemon juice. Traces of sunflower oil (used to grease the gumdrop molds) and rice flour (to stop them sticking together) are also present. All ingredients are certified organic. No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners are added. Find the full ingredients and nutrition facts for each flavor here: berryliciousbananaramapassionista and gingerella. 

  • How do they compare to standard gummies (candy)?

    Unlike most other gummies, our gumdrops do not contain refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, only sugars derived from fruits and veggies. The gumdrops are set using pectin (plant-derived), rather than gelatin (animal-derived). They contain no dyes, colorants, carriers, artificial flavors or preservatives. Notably, each packet of gumdrops delivers the same amount of gut-friendly plant fiber as a cup of brown rice - as far as we know, this is unique to kencko (most gummies contain zero fiber). Fiber helps your body to absorb sugars more slowly - compare the effect of eating whole fruit versus drinking fruit juice.

  • Why does the label say “added sugar?” I thought you said no sugar is added.

    We definitely do not add any refined sugar to our gumdrops. However, it’s no secret that our gumdrops are rich in naturally-occurring sugars - that’s one of the reasons they taste so yummy! The ingredients include fruit and vegetable juices in regular and concentrated forms, as well as fruit and vegetable purees. Sugars from concentrated fruit juice are counted as “added sugars” in the US (though not in Europe) - so they are listed that way on the nutrition facts label.

  • Are they vegan-friendly?

    Yes. Our gumdrops are set with pectin (from citrus fruits) and do not contain any animal products or derivatives.

  • Do the gumdrops contain allergens?

    kencko gumdrops contain none of the US major eight allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans), or the EU list of 14 (celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, peanuts, sesame, soybeans, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, and tree nuts), but may be processed in a facility that also handles those ingredients. If you are allergic to any other foodstuffs, please check the full ingredients lists for berryliciousbananaramapassionista and gingerella.