Add 2.5 cups of organic fruits and veggies to your morning routine in 60 seconds. Packed with essential plant nutrients and bursting with flavor.


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USDA organic

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Certified B Corporation

meet the rainbow

Carefully blended from more than 50 different fruits and vegetables to meet your health goals.

New flavor

pitaya pinks

red dragon fruit, passion fruit, raspberries

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New flavor

tropical blues

kiwi, blue spirulina, pineapple

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add ons

Extra proteins you can include in your smoothies

plus protein

10g of pure plant protein to mix with your smoothie

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practical, portable, super-simple: ready whenever you are

up your nutrition game

Want more energy, sharper focus, or glowing skin? There’s a smoothie for that. Mix and match from our three flavor families to find the right smoothie support squad to suit your goals.

power up

stay sharp

get glowing

your favorite flavors, your way

Will you love them straight up, shaken with chilled water or plant milk? Whizzed up into a protein-powder power blend? Or maybe you’re a baker, an ice cream maker, a cocktail shaker? There are hundreds of ways to enjoy your 2.5 extra servings of fruit and vegetables.

free nutrition coaching

We know that new habits are easier to stick to if you’ve got a supportive crew behind you. That’s why we offer every member a free 60-day coaching program with a Registered Dietitian.

Customer Reviews

what people are saying

Fruits, spices, vegetables... all in one, made from the best quality products, and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging. What else could you wish for. When I make my smoothie, it looks like it´s made with freesly peeled fruit. It makes it easier for me to take a good product when I´m traveling or away from home. Thank you very much.

Lourdes S.

Verified purchase

Our family loves all of the flavors and it is very convenient. Everything tastes extremely clean and fresh. These have even helped our kids eat more fruit and vegetables.

Megan K

Verified purchase

They are very convenient and they taste great

Bridget M

Verified purchase

I love the fact how convenient the smoothie packets are! My schedule is busy so I don’t have time to go out and get all the fruit. Plus I love the bottle that comes with it!

Olivia W.

Verified purchase

Just love your smoothies They are full of nutrients and that are tasting like fresh. I’m in love 😍 with these products. Thank you

Daniela Saghin

Verified purchase

I’ve mixed all the package either with juice or with plant milk (soy milk & oat milk) and they are absolutely delicious! It definitely makes me feel full on the day that I don’t get a lunch from work! While getting the nutrients I need! I am recommending this to all my love ones.

Anka M

Verified purchase

Its easy, tastes very good, its organic. I can take it to work and mix it when i need it.


Verified purchase

It's super convenient. I don’t have to worry about wasting food since it’s shelf stable for a year.

Jennifer H

Verified purchase

It's a great product! So glad it exists

Stephanie C

Verified purchase

any questions?

  • What's in the smoothies?

    kencko instant smoothies are made from real, organic fruits and vegetables, with nothing added and nothing taken out except the water. To make them, we flash freeze then slow dry fresh produce to capture its nutrients, fiber, color and flavor in a convenient powder. Each smoothie contains the fresh equivalent of 2.5 cups of fresh produce.

  • How do I prepare kencko smoothies? Can I prepare them now and drink them later?

    Pour your chosen liquid (chilled water, plant or dairy milk) into the bottle up to the line, then add the contents of one smoothie packet. Securely close the bottle, and shake vigorously for several seconds to mix. Most kencko flavors are delicious with either your favorite milk or chilled water, but some only play nicely with one or the other. Check any flavor's individual packet for our mixer recommendations here.

    You can make smoothies in advance, as well. Just store your smoothie in the fridge and drink it within 24 hours. Our smoothies are best enjoyed soon after preparation. Once mixed with liquid, they behave just like fresh fruit: over time, room-temperature smoothies will begin to oxidize and ferment in the bottle. IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, the kencko shaker bottle should NEVER be used with hot or carbonated liquids, or put in a microwave.


  • Are kencko smoothies meant to be meal replacements?

    Enjoy a kencko smoothie, anytime, to get around two and a half servings of fruits and vegetables (the recommended minimum is five servings a day). They can be a convenient breakfast option, but given that each packet contains only around 85 calories (plus the calories from your mixer, if it's a milk), you may want to treat it like a tasty, nutrition-packed supplement to another meal. We find most people drink their kencko either in the morning or as a quick and healthy pick-me-up later in the day. Everyone's nutritional needs are different, however, so kencko subscribers can consult with our in-house dietitian free of charge. When you start your membership, our nutrition team will reach out to you with information, should you want to take advantage of this offering!

  • Is the provided kencko bottle dishwasher safe?

    Yes! The bottle - including all of its components - is dishwasher safe. For best results, we recommend rinsing it out shortly after you're done drinking your smoothie, before washing it on the top rack, and through a gentle cycle.

  • How does my subscription work?

    It’s a flexible plan which you control from your online dashboard. You pick your flavors, select add-ons, and choose between regular monthly shipments of 7, 10, 20, 30, or 60 smoothies. You can also skip a month's box, or cancel your plan at any time - there’s no notice period or minimum contract length. We always give you a heads-up by email before each refill shipment, with plenty of time to swap your flavors, change delivery date, or cancel.

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how we do it


fresh from the farm

We source the best-tasting, most nutritious organic produce.



It's flash-frozen to lock in the vitamins, minerals, macronutrients and fiber.



Gentle heating removes the water content to create a shelf-stable product.



We mix the ingredients in small batches according to our chefs' recipes, ready to ship to you.